Ragnhild Monsen
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Music used in the galleries is from
the Norwegian composer
who originates from and lives in
the same Norwegian town of ROGNAN
as the artist Ragnhild Monsen

It is from a series entitled
"About my Grandfather"

conductor: Ari Rasilainen
Piano solosit: Joachim Knoph
played by the Norwegian Radio Orchestra

We extend our very warm and special thanks to Fred Jonny for
his gracious permission to use his wonderful music on this website

"Fred Jonny Berg is a major musical discovery. It would be necessary to rewind to the 1940s and Malcolm Arnold to find an emerging composer of such exceeding promise. His compositions are confidently tonal, fluently melodious and possessed of virtually supernatural penetrative power. The flute works receive achingly beautiful, indeed enchanting, performances from Emily Beynon and the Philharmonia under Vladimir Ashkenazy (Berg conducts the other pieces). This set is recommended for any collector seeking the refined side of contemporary music."
La Scena, Canada, November, 2009

We extend our  thanks to:

NRK - Norwegian Television - TV progam video excerpts

Marek and Jadwiga Padowski - Bergen International Music Festival excerpts

Anne-Lise Pettersen - Sola Strand Beach Project

for  their input

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